These Questions Write Themselves.

You provide one question set.

We provide a billion variants.

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In-House Training

We hated school.

We love to learn.

And nobody loves the sound of our voices more than we do.

This seemingly dangerous, but potent combination endows us with these superpowers:

  • Keeping your staff awake.
  • Getting them excited about your business.
  • Growing their confidence as your internal entrepreneurs (otherwise known as empowered employees).
  • Stealthily building their technical capabilities while they “play” on a laptop.
  • Edutaining the crap out of them.
  • Imbuing them with a love of the subject so they’ll continue to learn on their own long after our session ends.

I really don’t believe you, but I’m intrigued.  Take me to these trainers you speak of.

Online Training

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These questions write themselves.

You provide one question.  We provide a billion variants.  Really.

Finlingo’s Analyst App eliminates the possibility of cheating, secures your intellectual property, and guarantees equality and fairness in your exams.


Online Copywriting

While building our business, we needed to learn new skill sets.  One of them was “salesmanship in print.”

We loved that learning process so much, we decided to offer this service to our heroes: entrepreneurs like you.