About Us

Corporate financial education, media podcasting, and Austrian Economics from London to Singapore and points beyond.

The aim of MithrilMoney is to provide dynamic and human-based private financial training services, particularly for those people who would like themselves or their staff to pass difficult financial exams, or to gain a grounding in the language and products of the financial industry.

Our training style is a mixture of conceptual and real-world communication, using a mixture of interactive drawings, video, Excel spreadsheets, and whatever seems fun and necessary at the time.

For financial training without heart-stopping manuals, mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations, or back-breaking course notes, make your first stop MithrilMoney. For private corporate financial training with a difference, please contact us now.

All of our training and all related media work is done within the spirit of the ‘Austrian School of Economics’, particularly that branch developed by Murray Rothbard.