Commenting Excel Cells with VBA, Excel Library

by Andy Duncan on 24/05/2013

In this MithrilMoney Excel Library video, we explain how to use Excel’s built-in VBA programming environment to create a tool which can comment all the formulas in Excel spreadsheets.

No knowledge of VBA programming is required.

The code segment mentioned in the video is as follows:

Sub AndysComment()
    Dim Cmt As Comment
    Set Cmt = ActiveCell.Comment
    If Not Cmt Is Nothing Then Cmt.Delete
    ActiveCell.AddComment ActiveCell.Formula
    ActiveCell.Comment.Visible = True
    ActiveCell.Comment.Shape.TextFrame.AutoSize = True
    ActiveCell.Comment.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font.Bold = True
    ActiveCell.Comment.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font.Size = 12
End Sub

The full YouTube playlist of Excel Library lecture videos can be found by clicking here.

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