Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan – Independence for Scotland?

by Andy Duncan on 09/09/2014

Andy Duncan discusses the forthcoming Scottish Independence Referendum taking place on Thursday, 18 September, 2014. The prospect of Scotland breaking away from the rest of the United Kingdom has always been controversial and divisive. For every argument in favour of such a move, there has been a counter argument warning of the dangers of secession. Debates about what currency an independent Scotland would use, how it would pay its bills, which army would defend it, and whether it could – or should – become a member of the European Union have raged constantly, now kicked into high gear as the referendum itself draws near.

The politicians and the mainstream media, however, have frequently presented little more than propaganda and misinformation on the matter, leaving much of the general Scottish public to make a truly momentous decision based on inadequate and often misleading information.

If Scotland votes ‘no’, it may be the death knell for dreams of independence. If she votes ‘yes’, however, a series of exciting, risky and potentially life-changing decisions lie ahead. Could Scotland become a Singapore of the North, attracting a flood of investment and development with low tax rates? Or will she join the EU, adopt the Euro and lose her new independence under the boot of new masters? In the end, the stakes are just as high for the rest of the UK. If Scotland votes ‘yes’, the wider political landscape will change forever.


Jeff Deist and Andy Duncan discuss the rise of UKIP in England, and whether it represents a real populist anti-state uprising or just rightist politics. Andy skewers the strutting political class in London, and the charade of voting Labour or Conservative based on minute policy differences. They also discuss the upcoming Scottish independence vote, and whether the land that gave us Robert the Bruce and David Hume has succumbed completely to socialism. Could an independent Scotland become the Singapore of the North, or just another Eurozone basket case?


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